March 17, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Hi there!

I hope you've had a pretty week so far. Thank you for all your kind wishes towards Cakes for his birthday on Wednesday. He appreciates all the love! I'll share photos from his birthday dinner either next week or the week after. Now that the weekend is here, make sure to check out some of the links below when you have some downtime.

  1. My cousin Mims wrote this post on her blog that says you should Learn to Celebrate You!
  2. The Beginners Guide to Bible Journaling is a great way to step up your devotion and prayer life.
  3. Summer is only a few months away, so now is the time to Start Saving For Your Holiday Trip.
  4. Late last year I was interviewed by Jumia Travel on my various travel experiences. Here's the article :)
  5. Cakes and I had a disagreement about taking your phone into church on Sunday. Well, here's this post on 18 Places You Should Really Never Use Your Cell Phone.
  6. I'm married but I still watched this video, Our Not So Great Standards in Choosing a Partner by Tosin Alabi.


  1. No 5. Some of them are not applicable in naija tho. If i don't use a phone in a weddin where should l use it bikonu

    l just got married and this is my story 2

    1. LOL! I think they meant like don't be talking on the phone in the middle of the ceremony. And when taking photos don't obstruct the official photographer.

  2. Enjoyed your travel interview! I'm definitely a comfort traveller as well - backpacking & ecotourism, ehm... not really. I also loved the bible journal one. Recently learnt the SOAK method, and hopefully I'll put it into practice more often. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks KT. Comfort is key for me when traveling o. I can't rough it plixx. Have a pretty weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing my blog post. I'm glad you found it helpful!

  4. Awwwww, how am I just seeing this? Thank uuuuuuu cuz!!! xxxx


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