January 16, 2017

What do YOU think about Plastic Surgery?

Last weekend I was watching one of my favorite vloggers on Youtube. Patricia Bright made a video talking about the different cosmetic procedures she's had done over the years. They range from getting breast augmentation to fixing her teeth and more.

It's a pretty long video, but in summary I appreciated the way she approached the subject. She knows that not everyone will agree with her choices, but they were HER choices to make. She had people send in questions, which she answered and I didn't think to ask a question until I was watching the video. My question revolves around Christianity and plastic surgery.

There's the general opinion that Christians should be against body modification because it means that you might be saying that God's creation is not good... that you're not happy with the way God made you. In the Bible He has said that we are wonderfully made.

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That being said though, I don't believe that plastic surgery or body modification is necessarily bad. There are some cosmetic surgeries or procedures that improve your quality of life e.g. closing up cleft palates, straightening your teeth, etc. When it comes to things like tummy tucks, boob jobs, nose jobs, I feel like it's up to the person. It's not my place to judge. I don't know what mental or psychological issues they may or may not be facing, that causes them to choose to modify one or several body parts. And yes, I know that for a whole lot of people, it's nothing more than vanity. Again, it's not my place to judge. If any of my friends had plastic surgery, I wouldn't drop them - I'd more likely be curious about the whole thing and how they feel afterwards.

But I want to hear your opinion. Do you think plastic surgery is wrong? If you had the money and chance, would you modify any part of your body?

FUN FACT: I wore braces in secondary school for a few weeks. They were too painful so I took them out. I now wish I had braved the pain.


  1. As much as I am the very first person to encourage people to love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin, I am also cognisant of the fact that it is just not that easy for some people. There is just that nagging thing in their life that continues to draw them back, and they really aren’t able to “snap out of it”, even when they try. And this thing drawing them back could be anything – emotional turmoil from their past, a lisp in their speech, a body odour that they have, a social caste that they fall into, the way they walk, the way their body looks, their accent... the list goes on. And flimsy as it sounds, these things can have a huuuge impact on an individual’s outlook to life, and their productivity in different ventures that they undertake.
    Some of those things, unfortunately, the person would always have to deal with – e.g. they can never change their social caste no matter what. But for some people, their issues are physical in nature, and with the advent of modern technology, they can go under the knife, as it were, and deal with that nagging issue. So the way I see it, if an individual feels like they are living life sub-optimally with a particular nagging physical feature, I don’t see why they should not go ahead and do what they need to feel more confident. For some ladies, all they need is a dash of red lipstick, and they feel like they can take on the world – but for others, they may have to undergo surgery to achieve that feeling.
    People become very moral and self-righteous when it comes to plastic surgery, but quite frankly, when we get down to the nitty gritties of it – anyone who has ever had braces on their teeth has had plastic surgery. Anyone who’s ever been to the dentist to amend their dentition has had plastic surgery. Anyone who’s ever had laser eye treatment for vision correction has had plastic surgery. Just because it is less subtle than going to have a boob implant or an abdominoplasty does not make it any less of plastic surgery than the others. Moreover, anyone who has ever used a drop of makeup in their life really should not be making a comment about others not being happy with their natural look because quite frankly, they are both serving the same purpose – altering your natural appearance to an appearance that makes you feel more confident, albeit one being more permanent than the other.
    So, am I advocating plastic surgery for all and sundry? By all means, No!. The first and most important thing is self love and self acceptance, because if you don’t accept yourself, you would always continue to find faults with yourself and new procedures you could undergo, and it just becomes a slippery slope from there. The surgeon continues to get richer at your expense, and you eventually start looking like a joke. But my point is, people may need to hop off their moral high horse when it gets to why some people choose to undergo plastic surgery, because faced with the same challenges as the person is experiencing, they just might do the same.

    sorry Berry, I can’t believe I wrote a full Essay on this... haha!

    1. CHOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ada-ugo YOU ARE THE REAL MVP!!!!! As in, everything you said is ON POINT! There's no need to add or subtract. I should just give you a prize at once. Email me, let's see what we can send to you :)

    2. Ada-ugo has said it all. Personally I dont support plastic surgery but who am I to tell people what to do. As for what the bible says about this, I really dont know, I'd have to do more study time. I've always admired Patricia's honesty even in the midst of criticism.
      Princess Audu

    3. I agree with you Sarah, about Patricia. She's honest and speaks true to herself. She seems genuine.

  2. Knew she had her boobs done, but had no clue she did her nose. Phew. Like you said, it's pretty much of to the person when it comes to these kinds of modifications.


    1. Nah, she didn't get her nose done. It was just the illustration for her cover photo.

      But yeah, it's a personal decision.

  3. I feel like as Christians we place a lot of rules that put us in jeopardy of being hypocrites. Because if we make a statement like being against body modifications with cosmetic surgery in mind we tend to forget it comes at all levels like you said like braces. Then what separates weave, makeup, colored contacts etc. all the things we choose to "enhance" our beauty?

    I feel plastic surgery is okay. When people become obsessed and take it too far that's when it becomes a problem that's probably mental. As someone who's had to have multiple surgery for health reasons i am in awe of people who do cosmetic surgery because surgery freaks me out! I also don't want my cause of death to be: plastic surgery :(

    I wore braces as an adult. When i was 27 actually. Best investment i ever made.

    1. I agree that we can put so many rules and regulations on ourselves as Christians, that at the end of the day can make us hypocritical.

      I haven't had to do any surgeries in my life, but as someone who is even afraid of needles, I also wonder about people who voluntarily go through it multiple times. Recovery is painful, isn't it? So howwwwwwwwwww do it over and over and over again?

      I want braces though!

  4. Is wearing braces cosmetic surgery?

    I'm wearing braces now as a 30 year old adult to finally correct my overbite and have hopefully a Hollywood smile

    Wish I did it a long time ago but better now than tomorrow

    For me plastic surgery is a no. But like you said we don't know the insecurities other people are dealing with
    After two kids my tummy is not as flat as I want it but I'm going the route of exercise and diet but can't judge whoever goes the easier route
    We are all different

    1. Wearing braces isn't cosmetic surgery, but some might consider it a cosmetic enhancement. I want braces oooooooooooooooooooo.

      Way to go with the exercise and diet. For some people it's not that easy sha, and like you rightly said, we're all different. So I guess to each their own.

  5. wow! I suppose everyone has a right to modify themselves, but where do we draw the line? What message do we give young girls about body image if everyone has slimed this, tucked that and added silicone? It is a complicated issue.

    FGM vs Female Circumcision

    1. It is VERY complicated and not one size fits all. But there's a line that people cross and begin to go overboard.


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