July 1, 2016

Berry Lovely Links


Welcome to July!!! It's officially the second half of the year! Here's to a better finish to the year for one and all!!

I hope you've had a great week, and I wish you a very nice weekend. Here's my weekly roundup of interesting links. Do you like the new format or prefer the old one?

  1. I know my dad would like to read me, "How your Smartphone Addiction is hurting you" everyday.
  2. I enjoyed reading My Mum Ran My Life for A Week! Hmm, should I try the same thing and let my mum dictate my schedule for a few days? Would you let your parent do it?
  3. Check out Martha Stewart's 15 Ways to Get it Together in 15 Minutes if you need help with organizing.
  4. Although it's slanted more towards the Brits, I liked this breakdown on All You Need to Know about [Brexit].
  5. I don't know why anyone would try the Skyslide - imagine a glass slide from the 70th floor of a building!!!
  6. It's July 4th aka Independence Day weekend, so read up Fascinating Facts about the Fourth of July
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  1. Its been a while i've came here!
    Thanks to inconstant power supply, side-hustle job, and other things. Thanks for the lovely links and Am really interested in reading how mum ran my life for a week!
    Happy new month to you too Berry | and guess what? | Its my birthmonth, July 16th to be precise :)
    TuhamWorld's Blog

    1. Happy Birthday in advance Tunde! I hope you have a happy one :)

      Glad to see you're well, even though you've been busy.

  2. Hi Berry, that pic of you is so lovely. I think the old format displayed the links more clearly.
    I love Martha Stewart's article! I need organisational in my life. Thank you for always sharing.

    Happy belated July 4th!


    1. Hmm, thanks for the feedback. I'll play around with it some more.

      Hope you had a good Indy Day!

  3. I absolutely love this new format, looks "stylish" :-)

    Thank you for sharing these links.

  4. Biko what do you use to get these beautiful graphics... it's so neat.

    1. Thanks! I used Canva for this one. There was a template I saw.


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