June 20, 2016

Our UK Family Holiday Part 3 - Afternoon Tea

Hey there!

How was your weekend? I hope you had a fun one. Happy Father's Day to all the men out there who are touching lives and leading by example! We celebrated my dad, brother-in-law and Cakes by taking them out to brunch. How did you celebrate?

Today I'm continuing with our UK holiday, and this time I'm sharing photos from our fun-filled day at Afternoon Tea. If you haven't been following, check out Part 1 - Trafalgar Square, and Part 2 - Marble Arch. As usual, I'll share some stories in between and a little bit of history and fun anecdotes. Let's get started shall we?

I had looked forward to this outing pretty much since we started planning the holiday. We made sure to wake up early on the day of, but ended up having to wait for my sister's husband who arrived from Atlanta that morning. At least we were all dressed and looking sharp!

This outing was planned and sponsored by one of my mum's best friends. They've been friends since forever and she's my youngest sister's godmother. Whenever my mum visits her, they go to all kinds of fancy places, and they've traveled together lots of times. I wanna be like them when I grow up!

As usual, we walked to our local station and headed to the very fancy Bentley Hotel in Kensington.

The Bentley Hotel is a boutique hotel and has garnered Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence every year since 2010. Fashi, it would have been nice to stay here, even if it was just for one night. My aunt had to reserve our table for Afternoon Tea way ahead of time. I wanted to take photos of the tea room but there were these prim and proper looking ladies, and I couldn't hide to get a nice shot. Let me find a nice photo if I can.
Trivia question: What's the difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea? If you read my Lovely Links, you just might remember.

Afternoon Tea started around the 1830s and 1840s, and is a very fancy-schmancy affair. Rumor has it that a certain duchess was the originator of this trend. Back then, lunch was served at noon, and dinner was served from 7:30pm or later. Duchess Anna Maria Russell, during one of these long breaks between meals, requested tea and snacks to manage her hunger. It became a habit, and her friends began having tea with her and the trend spread among aristocratic circles.

Afternoon tea typically includes finger sandwiches, scones, macarons, as well as other treats.

The Bentley Hotel had lovely nibbles, tea and champagne. Unfortunately, I was too busy taking photos, I forgot to finish my champagne :(

The scones were so yummy! I miss them :(

I had Jasmine Tea :)

Afternoon Tea etiquette says you shouldn't devour the food in front of you, so you don't seem beastly. *straight face* Abeg, if you're hungry, you're hungry. 

Anyways, we had a marvelous time. The kids didn't care about fancy-schmancy and walked and played around like it was their house. 

So did we...

I didn't forget to tell you about High Tea! High tea was started by the lower classes. They had day jobs and typically didn't have lunch breaks. So right after work, they would have something to eat... High Tea! This differs from Afternoon Tea in the servings as well - High Tea consisted of pies, meats and cheeses. It was also called High Tea because it was served on proper dining tables, whereas Afternoon Tea was served in low armchairs.

I tried uploading the Snap Story from that day but the file is too large. I'll keep tweaking until I find a way around it.

Have a loverly week ahead!!!


  1. Oncer again, I love what your sister is wearing!


    1. Fashion Geh! can't you see all the amazing tea and all, and what Berry is wearing too!

      Berry, I love your outfit jare. I'm actually having scones right now! Unfortunately it doesn taste so great. I've only ever had it once in a posh hotel and it seemed quite nice. At my desk now, it doesn't.

      4 Perfectly Do-able Traditions for (Young) Couples

    2. Lol, Cassie, she's your kind of people right there.

      @ Kachee - tenks o jare. Let me tell you where to get a great scone... Edinburgh Castle, I think it was. Sha the castle at the top of Royal mile... it was amazing!

  2. i like how everyone's looking really sharp! i like the detailing on your cardigan, berry... thanks for the info on afternoon history. i really like that duchess jare, who starvation epp? lol

    1. Thanks Adaugo. I'm actually going to do a style post on the dress and my cardigan. And yes that duchess made sense and a valuable addition to history!!!

  3. Ah, the lunch spread looked so proper, elegant and scrumptious.

    I am loving this series, (I know I've said this twice already, Lol)

    For some reason, high tea reminds me of the Downton Abbey setting! :-)

    1. Thanks Nedoux dear. I'm enjoying the series too, if I can say that.

      I watched like the first few episodes of Downton Abbey. I wish I could watch everything :(

  4. Never had tea served that way before but everything is looking so glam and posh. The little delicacies look so good as well. I love your sister's outfit, especially her jacket.

    Princess Audu

    1. This is actually my second time having this kinda fancy tea. The first time was during my sister's week of wedding festivities.

      Thanks! I'll tell her :)

  5. First, I noticed you have said bye bye to blogspot! Way to go girl! I know you have said before that you were too lazy to change so I'm glad you've taken this move and put the devil to shame. LOL

    About the photos: Posh posh posh!
    Now I want to start having Afternoon Tea in my kitchen while pretending to be in a posh hotel. It still works.
    Trust British people to be organised in everything...even in drinking tea. Whether high, middle, low, night of afternoon, tea is tea! And if I am hungry I'm not leaving any snacks for etiquette's sake.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and background information with us, Berry. You rock!


    1. LOL, I've actually had the dot com for a while. And it points to here as well. The blogspot is still here too *hides face*

      You can invite your girlfriends over and have tea! My friend did that in England and it looked really nice. And since you like cooking, just make simple finger foods, buy different flavored teas, get some cheapie flowers from the grocery store and you're done!

    2. Ah, this idea is giving me life! Afternoon tea, finger foods (and makeovers) with girlfriends is definitely in my future.

  6. I loved this post, afternoon tea looks divine. Lovely pictures!


  7. Awwwwn look at you looking all so fancy and so. Awesome Post!


  8. Isn't tea ' milo and peak milk"? . Hehehe

    1. CHOI! Please oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.



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