February 19, 2016

Berry Lovely Links

Hi everyone!

It's been a seemingly busy week, aye?! I'm sooooooooo glad it's weekend and I think I'd like to rest, but packing might be a better idea. I wish someone could come and pack for me - I'd be willing to pay, honestly.

Anyways, here are today's Lovely Links for you to check out. :)

  1. In these tough times, learning how to manage your money is becoming increasingly important. Try out the 50-30-20 Rule
  2. Do you believe in sharing your dreams with others, or Keeping Them to Yourself?
  3. What's The Difference Between a Relationship versus a Partnership?
  4. OMG, I read the sweetest story about an Indian Man who Rode a Bicycle to Sweden for his Love.
  5. I liked reading 23 Practical Self-Improvement Tips.
  6. Finally, who wants to take a vacation to Countries that Don't Exist?
While you're at it, be sure to check out my interview with The Sparkle Writers Hub here.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!! I hope Cakes and I can shoot a video this weekend :)

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  1. I'll check those links out berry.
    Thanks for connecting me to Steph Obi via your lovely links, i did enjoy her post.
    And how much will you pay for me if am willing to pack? Lol

    1. You're very welcome. Stephanie is a trailblazer isn't she?

      LOL, free cake for one year :p

  2. Of course she is.. and i hope i too will soonest.
    Lol for the payment. How are you doing?

  3. Lovely links and I liked your interview. Cake for a year including my wedding cake?...hell yeah...lol. counting down to missing you *sobs*


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