December 21, 2015

Berry Blogger Brunch Weekend

So here are the photos I promised from the Blogger Brunch event I went to. It was hosted by Dee Mako, who's a Style blogger. Honestly, when I met her I was shocked. On her blog she's very quirky with her style, and I fully expected to see that when I met her that day. But she was very simple - didn't even wear makeup! Maybe I'm the one that does too much these days. Chick was just like, "Enh, I'll rub powder and that's it." Oh well.

The event was held at a new lounge, Da Vinci, on Adetokunbo Ademola Street. I'm not sure if it's open yet, but they were kind enough to give Dee the space for the event. I think it's cute, but there's one big safety hazard that they need to check. I told the girl at the bar and I'm hoping she mentioned it to her managers - if not, someone will fall and likely fracture a bone.

There were quite a number of people that attended. Thank God I wrote down some of the bloggers' names and their blog addresses! I wish I had my blog business cards on hand with me - but they came late. There's a post tomorrow on my business cards so make sure you come back to see it.

Zaron Cosmetics sent a representative, Ebony (yes, that's actually her real name) to talk to us about the brand. I was really impressed with the story and I hope to work with Zaron in the future.

I didn't really get to eat much as I ate before leaving my apartment, and was rushing to the airport.

The drinks by Cointreau were really good though.

The freebie and giveaways were really a lot. Dee tried in getting all those brands. Remember in my post about things I learned from our Meet and Greet event? One of my points was "Who You Know Matters." I got a lovely outfit from Byge - I'll do a separate post on it.

Zaron gave out a whole lot!!! I think they're on a marketing campaign of sorts because they were at the Beauty in Lagos event yesterday and they also gave out freebies.

I didn't take a photo of myself, but luckily Dee's photographer got one of me and I lifted it off her post on the event.

I wish I was able to take my own photo though - outside in natural light. Natural light beats ALL other lights. Ah well.

And I also promised to share a few photos from my grandmother's birthday party. I'll do one better and post all my snaps from the day :)

Have a gorgeous week everyone! Merry Christmas in advance. Love you more than cake, ice cream and ripe plantain.


  1. I missed. so sad I couldn't make it and to think I indicated my interest when Desola sent out the mail. Had to take my daughter to an important party that day

  2. It was good to have you there Berry, I love Love your pictures as well.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your business cards.

  4. So proud of you Dee... Hope to attend next year... Maybe more sef. Lovely pictures Berry.

  5. Yes! I can't wait to see your Business Cards. It is really good to see a local brand take interest in bloggers and blogging.

    This makes me want to patronize them more.

  6. Cute pics Berry, I love Zaron cosmetics!

  7. LOL I think Dee Mako is the same in person.
    Maybe it's because she was organising her own event. Quite a few times, I've put heels in my car for NITC meets but I'm too occupied or nervous, I can't be bothered to wear. She was at one meet-up this year, in all her fashion blogger glory. I photographed her a lot.

  8. Yeah Zaron is bae. I love their lip stain.The event looks well put together.

  9. Such a beautiful event it seems thanks for sharing.


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