January 12, 2015

Berry Colorful Weekend

Hiya pals! (I watched Little Rascals on Friday evening, so hiya pals is stuck in my head)

How was your weekend? Who What did you do? Who did you see? What did you eat? Where did you go? I'm listening with eyes wide open :p

My weekend was nice and COLORFUL!!!! How so, you ask? Well, I shall tell you.

On Saturday morning, after I worked out and showered, I waited for Cakes to come and pick me up so that we could deliver this wedding cake.

wedding cakes in nigeria
Cake Factory by K's Craft | @Cakesiena | 08033118995 or 08094263869

While I waited and waited, I decided to play around with my hair. I'm kinda trying to retain length this year, so I'm taking care to put my hair in protective styles going forward. I had some extensions at home, and used them to put my hair into a faux bun (I'll share pictures of that process next week). Anyways, while I did that, I also felt like putting some makeup on. Since I felt colorful, I put on my bright yellow TW t-shirt and chose to pair blue eyeliner with purple lips (weird combo, right?).
lipstick, eyeliner, makeup

My eyeliner brand of choice is Jordana - I've used the brand for years and years. Last year, I stumbled upon Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm and I have the Shameless (purple) and Standout (deep red) shades.

Cakes eventually got home and announced that he had already dropped off the cake, but had other cakes to deliver, so we headed out. My number one priority for the day was to head to Aimas in Ikoyi. Ms. Tuke Morgan collaborated with the brand last year. Aimas is a clothing brand/store, and what intrigued me was that they carried fabric from The Garment Factory. The Garment Factory has done something I always wondered about - ankara prints on different kinds of fabric. They currently have their prints on jersey, crepe, silk and georgette fabrics. I have a DIY in mind, and needed jersey fabric, so went to the store to get it.

When I walked into the Aimas store, I was hit with a bevy of colors!!! Honestly, colors just make me happy. First things first, I went to the Garment Factory section to select my fabric choice. Aren't these simply beautiful?

Afterwards, I took pictures of some of the really beautiful items made by Aimas.

Cakes might have to make a stop there for a Valentines, Birthday or Just-Because-ManU-Won present for me :p Aimas is located at 32 Alexander Avenue, in Ikoyi (the second gate on the right immediately getting off the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge - you don't get up to the Banana Island road.). You can also find them on IG and Twitter - @aimasng.

Sunday was pretty chill - apart from 2 of Cakes' friends proposing to their girlfriends!!! Woot woot - congratulations Toby Adaz and Osa! Oh, and he made this very pretty cake for a happy 2 year old :)

In fact, just check out my mini tribute to him last week

I told you my weekend was colorful! Soooo now it's YOUR turn to tell me how your weekend went :D


  1. Replies
    1. Oops, silly me! I've updated the post, but the address is 32 Alexander Avenue, Ikoyi.

  2. Cakes is amazing...!!!

  3. Oh I need to go to Aimas!! Had the most chill weekend since the hub is closed...relaxed to the max!! Have a great week dear!

    1. Thanks lady! You should take a trip there - very cozy pretty store. Can't wait to see what the new salon/store's like!

      Meanwhile, I'm supposed to buy the last edition of the magazine..

  4. Hi Berry,please tell Mr Cakes that he s going to be the one to bake my wedding cake,his works are so beautiful.The cloths at the store are all bright and beautiful,berry i hope they paid you for adverts? lol
    My weekend was used for chores,eating and sleeping
    Have a lovely week

    1. I shall let him know. And no o, I just went into the store randomly.

  5. I love the black/ankara dress up there. #thingsImissaboutnaija!
    In other news your Cakes is amazing. The cakes look so good that I want to go out and buy something...and I normally hate sugar/I'm on a healthy food thing! Mind yaself o, Cakes and his Berrilicious Berry!

    have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much! I'll have him get a recipe for "healthy" cake, just for you!

  6. My friend had a mini shoot at that aim as place sometime last year and I showed up to help out. I actually really liked their stuffs and asked them if in could take pictures of their store for my blog and they told me no. :|
    Their loss though so (n)


    1. Yeah, they do have nice stuff. It's such a shame they didn't let you take pictures :(

  7. Aww, Yayyy, I see one of the Oleku's I rocked.
    The doll is so cute!!
    I'm excited to see what fabric you got!


  8. oh wow. aimas. cakes creations, really colourful and creative! nice post


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