November 3, 2014

Berry Pretty Salsa Weekend


How's it going? How'd your weekend go? What'd you do? Who'd you see? What'd you eat? What'd you wear? Tell me, I'm listening... well, reading.

My weekend was pretty for the most part - we had a date night, courtesy of a group at church!
christian couple
Berry and Cakes. Don't we look nice? I think we do :)

Friday was - Friday. I'd rather forget about Friday.

On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early, showered, got dressed and proceeded to wait for Cakes to come back with my car (the other car was at the bakery) so I could head out to church for a women's breakfast meeting. As in, I had looked forward to it all week long. The program was going to be from 9am to 12pm. So there I was, all dressed up and ready to go.


I gave up and undressed. Cakes came back at about 11am *insert angry straight face here* :-|

Well, I was understandably annoyed and he went back out to make more cake deliveries. In my annoyance I went on a domestic chores frenzy (yes, I'm weird like that - sometimes when I'm angry I do the dishes or wash the shower stall). This time I did laundry and cooked :)

berry dakara nigerian food
Coconut rice, plantain and chicken
Anyways, a few hours later, Cakes was back and we got ready for another church event - the main highlight of my weekend. The Connect Team and The Waterbrook had organized a date night for married couples. The venue was Primi Piatti in Lekki, and it was a very fun evening of games, chatting, food, a discussion on Finances in Marriage, and ended with a salsa lesson!


henna tattoo lagos nigeria

For someone who laughs a lot, he just refuses to smile properly in front of the camera!!!

After our photo ops, we headed back inside to get started with the event.

romantic dinner

There all these model boats all over the restaurant. Apparently it's owned by Tony Prest, and he's into boats and things. I've seen ads for Tony Prest Cruise Dinners before but every time I've tried to get more info, it leads to nothing. If you know Mr. Prest, please tell him our anniversary is coming next month o - a dinner thingy on his boat would be awesome :D
tony prest primi piatti

tony prest

Hehe, I found a piano... of course I got on it!

Playing a romantic medley before the others arrived.

moet and chandon
Isn't the candleholder nifty? Recycling is way cool!
 The drinks and food were pretty good. Since we had a predetermined menu, I didn't get to the see the prices, so I can't say whether the food is worth the money. But I enjoyed my prawns sha. I just wish that instead of the chef to tell me "Yes, the prawns are plenty," he would have told me how many to expect (hint hint, THREE is NOT plenty).

fried rice

grilled chicken
Cakes ordered the chicken, which came on this heart-shaped board :p

king prawns dish

french fries

primi piatti, lagos
I had the Peppered Prawns dish

And after eating, the dancing began! No pictures of Cakes and I, but if you follow mywaterbrook on Instagram, there's video with us in the background.

berry dakara salsa

berry dakara

All I know is that I want to learn Salsa properly. Let's all pray for healing in Cakes' knee, so that he won't have any excuse to turn me down. :D

Sunday was another service at church with the teenagers. The sermon centered on Tim Cook and his coming out, while adding that it was a gift from God. Sorry o, Mr. Cook, the Bible doesn't say that. It was an interesting service anyways.

After church was over, we went to Sweet Kiwi (it's a frozen yogurt place) because of the maddening Lagos heat, then headed home and that was it for the weekend!!!

Have a wonderful week this week!

Muah muah!


  1. Nice berry, really love ur gown.

  2. Cool! Salsa dancing looks like such a fun date night idea :)


    1. It IS a fun idea. Just that someone's knee was hurting him :(

  3. I love your dress! The date night looked like a lot of fun.

  4. What camera do you use cus the food pictures make my mouth water.....Looks like there's always loads to do in Lagos :-)

    1. Haha. I use the Samsung NX300, and there's waaaay too much to do here.

  5. your weekend was fun Berry,mine was fun as well.Ever since i discovered your blog ,i have always look forward to it,i ported from my old blog.(smiles)

    1. Awww, thank you very much. Glad you had a fun weekend too.

  6. U had great fun this weekend, mine was boring.. I love your blog..

    1. Thank you! Ndo o. Have fun during the week or next weekend.

  7. D prawns look so yum or re dey shrimps?? For d life of me I can never tell d difference....... Ok d ede look yum. Nd I agree 2 u look good.

  8. Berry you look good

  9. Hmm nice, finances in marriage, verrrrry important. Great pics, love the heart shaped board :)

    1. SUPER IMPORTANT. Financial planning is very necessary.

      Thank you.

  10. Uhmm the coconut rice et al inspires me,the restaurant (is it?)seems cool considering the decor, ships and all things about it I'm head over heels, for real!
    I don't have to say it, obviously u had fun!

    1. Thanks. I plan on doing a food post for the coconut rice.

  11. Your dress is very pretty Berry.

  12. Lovely dress o. I didn't know you could play pianos. Will you teach me?

  13. You look lovely, nice dress :)

  14. *sigh*, why can't I have exciting weekends like you and Sisi Yemmie. Hmmm, maybe cos you both are married abi? I want to learn salsa too. Would love to dance with my future hubby on our wedding day. A special dance for just us 2. You need to teach me how to wear short, cute dresses, I never do cos im shy, lol.

    1. Maybe because you have exciting WEEKDAYS! And lol @ cos I'm married - I had fun of my own before we got marred :D

      You should learn! One of the other couples took salsa classes before their wedding and had a choreographed dance.

      You with your tallness - you can pull off short dresses well :D

  15. Looks like such a fun time! I love the idea of a couples night with dinner and dancing.

  16. Please can you direct me to a dance academy or anywhere I can learn salsa in lagos? Thank you.

    1. I'll find info. I know there's a place every Thursday where there are salsa lessons.


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