October 16, 2014

Random Alert: Abortion

Hey y'all.

How's your week going? I've been blogging everyday for about a week now! It feels kinda weird. Like am I giving you guys too much to read? Should I blog every other day instead? While you're thinking about that, lemme get on with the post... which might be a little controversial.

A month ago in the teenage church where Cakes is one of the workers, I followed him there (as opposed to going to my church or the head church). On this particular Sunday, there was a guest speaker (who I think will join as a regular). She gave the teenagers different scenarios, asking them to pick one choice or another, explain why they picked that choice, and back it up with a Bible passage... let me say that these teenagers know their Bibles! (But erm, the ones that tried to defend premarital sex with a Bible verse found it extreeeeeeeeemely difficult :p)

Anyways, one of the scenarios talked about a young woman who while walking, was attacked and raped by a mad man, resulting in pregnancy. The question posed was: Should she abort or not? Let's even take away the mad man aspect. If a woman is raped by whoever and gets pregnant, do you think it's right for her to abort or not?

Yes or No?

Remember that this kind of situation happens everyday all over the world - to women and young teenage girls.

P.S. Don't ever Google "abortion" images! I think I'm scarred for life. :(


  1. hmmmmm.
    This is tough. So we all know abortion is still a crime in this part of the world.
    Then there is the religious aspect of killing....
    I will say it should be based on the individual. will you love the kid if you have it? Will you hate it?
    while some are strong enough to keep and be mothers to these kids, some women would not be able to. So i still say it depende on the individual.

  2. This is a very tough one, but honestly? The child is innocent, it was simply a case of sperm meets egg. if a woman is raped, it is best to go to the hospital and get necessary medical attention immediately to prevent pregnancy and other 'things'. If however, this was not done and she falls pregnant, please do not abort, rather give the child up for adoption. This is much preferable to shedding innocent blood - Anike

  3. I believe that it will be an extremely difficult choice, but if the woman cannot cope, abortion will be the best option. Rape is already traumatic enough, but imagine the added trauma of having to carry the result and a constant reminder of that rape. I believe abortion is very necessary if the life of the mother is in danger, and in a case like this, the woman's sanity and emotional well being may be in danger.

  4. Nope! It resulted in a pregnancy. God made life happen out of it, not the rapist! If God did not want that child to come to life, He wouldn't have given it a chance.

    To be honest, it is going to be very difficult, but difficulty have never changed the truth, or God's word about a matter.

  5. Yes, I think it is her right to make the decision. If she chooses to, then so be it. It was not in her plans, if she does not want the child and chooses to keep him/her for whatever reason, she may have some resentment towards the child.

  6. I have a million reasons why i should abort if i get raped, and worse still by a mad man. But deep down in my heart i know that nothing justifies any of those reasons before God. Its hard to do but its the right thing.

  7. Life is never black or white! Rape is traumatic so I won't judge any woman who wants to abort a child conceived in such circumstance however if she wants to keep the child why not?


  8. This one is complicated... Considering God's commandments, society's stigmatization, the trauma etc. The truth is until you are in that situation, you will never know how to tackle it.


  9. Controversial topic. Rape is such a travesty. However, there is no reason why it should result in pregnancy. Pregnancy is not instant...meaning you do not have sex today and get pregnant today. It takes several days for the sperm to travel to meet the egg (assuming the woman is ovulating and there is even an egg to meet).

    During this window (about 72 hrs but the sooner the pill is taken, the better), the person can take the morning after pill which is available in most countries without a prescription including Nigeria. Since conception has not taken place, it is not an abortion as the egg and sperm havent met.

    Anyway, pray it doesnt happen to anyone but it shoul

  10. Depends if you believe that uf a man decides he wants a child with a woman he must rape her until she has his baby. Cause saying no to that abortion is saying yes to forced pregnancy


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