July 11, 2014

Proverbs Blog-Along: Day 11

Now that I've finally caught up, hopefully, these should come with 1 chapter every single day :)

This chapter is full of comparisons between godly and ungodly people, wise and foolish people, honest and dishonest people, etc.

The very first verse that caught my eye today though was
14Without wise leadership, a nation falls;


Another couple of verses that made me go "hmmm" were
24Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.
25The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.
I think Cakes is a good example of someone who gives freely and it's been apparent that he's been doing better in life. I wonder though, if 'becoming more wealthy' is strictly related to just finances. I doubt it, because you hear of people who don't have much monetarily, but they're big givers and they're full of love, full of joy, and that's a kind of wealth, isn't it?

Verse 28 talks about trusting money...
28Trust in your money and down you go! But the godly flourish like leaves in spring.
For me, I struggle a little bit with this. It's not that I put money above God, but I feel safer and more secure when there's money in my bank account. Cakes and I differ in this aspect a lot. I worry about saving, saving, saving and he's more relaxed because he knows that God will provide, no matter what. I didn't actually think I would be like this, because when I was younger (and my mum will attest to this), I always said, "Money's important, but it's not THAT important. As long as I'm comfortable, everything's alright." And now, my perspective has changed a little bit. I'm not pursuing money or anything like that, but I begin to really panic when my bank account gets to a certain balance.

I pray that my attitude towards money changes with time, and that I learn to trust God more, so that even if I lose my job tomorrow (GOD FORBID O, I'M JUST SAYING) that I will put my faith in Him. Amen.

Have a pretty weekend, you pretty person. Yes, you too, you pretty male person. *winks*

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  1. I love that part about wise leadership. You know, the thing that baffles me is that Nigerians perceive themselves as a deeply religious group of people, especially our leaders in office, but it is apparent that they DO NOT practice what their Bibles/Qurans/and every other religious book say. If our leaders cannot get their minds/hands out of our treasury to lead us wisely, it no wonder that our nation is in a free-fall.
    Also, the part about putting too much stock in my money reminds me of the parable of the rich guy who delighted in counting all his barns and riches that God struck him down that night.

    1. they DO NOT practice what their Bibles/Qurans/and every other religious book say.


  2. I love this! Especially about giving freely. There is this warmth in your heart when you give something to someone. Seeing the joy on their face makes you so happy. I agree that the wealth is more than just money, you increase in other areas God sees fit for you. Let us just pray that we do not let money control us. Amen, thanks for this blog-along Berry :-)

  3. I agree with the belief that wealth is beyond money. I also think wisdom, peace, joy, contentment, and God's favor are all parts of wealth too. What I will say is that many times in society we incorrectly define wealth as solely money and end up terribly confused in deciphering who is wealthy and who isn't.

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog, it's so interesting! I also love these kinds of post, roll them in hun! Beautiful website, keep up the great work :D I totally feel ya on this topic hun



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