January 29, 2014


Hey errybawdy!

So, I'm just here chilling in Newlywed-dom, and then a question jumps into my head from nowhere, and I begin to ponder... how long can I be called a newlywed, technically?

*whisks off to ask my best friend, Google*

He says 1 year! I just decided now that Google is a boy, and I dare anybody to tell me I can't have a male best friend!

Back to the matter at hand, Google says newlywedded-ness is 1 year. Erm, I don't know how I feel about that. It just seems like way too much time to be called a newlywed. Another blogger says you're a newlywed until people stop asking you "How's married life?" Lol. At work, the older ladies said they'll stop calling me 'Iyawo' when I get pregnant *insert raised eyebrow here*

By all accounts and theories, I'm still a newlywed :)

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  1. Google is right for saying 1yr because even the bible in Deut 24:5 says the man should not be charged with business for a year as he is expected to stay at home and make his new wife happy! Lol

  2. You are just a case. You created a graph?

    1. Of course. Visual aids are necessary sometimes, no?

    2. I was going to ask the same question Atilola. We're taking cues from you Berry.

  3. @ilola nawa. berry never siezes to amaze me and keep me laughing. abeg berry i am single-hook me up! :-)

  4. Weird! I was asking myself this yesterday! One year seems long enough... I think. But I like the theory of when people stop asking you how married life is.

  5. I think 2 years should be it. So hows married life?


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