October 14, 2013

What I did this weekend... Wedding, Bloggirls Day Out, and Natural Hurrs!


I'm willing myself to have energy this morning, but truthfully I'd rather be in bed, sleeping this migraine away. But I'm here at work, willing 4pm to come quickly so I can get my holiday started!

How was your weekend? What'd you do? Who'd you see? What'd you eat? What'd you wear? What'd your drink?

My weekend was FOINE n DANDY! Let me give you a quick breakdown, innit?!

FROIDAY(I spelled it Froiday on purpose, because that's my fake Bri-ish accent, innit?!)
I didn't do much on Froiday. Why? Because erm, I was tired. I think. I can't remember Friday. Moving on.

I woke up early and got some exercise in. Can I just say that while skipping (jump rope) is fun, my feet aren't exactly thrilled. They've been hurting like a broken heart since Friday night (ENH HEH, I finally remember Friday. I was skipping while watching a movie). Anyways, I worked out and got my hair care routine on. Cakes and I were invited to a wedding that morning. The couple were in our Premarital Counseling classes from church, and we were thrilled to see them tie the knot. We think it'd be fun to have a hang out with them, and meet at various date milestones (1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc).

Doesn't Cakes look handsome?!

After the wedding ceremony, I had to ditch Cakes for the natural hair event I mentioned in my last post. Felicia Leatherwood is an American hair stylist, and she's widely known as a natural hair guru. She shared lots of knowledge about natural hair care, did a styling demonstration, and was just awesome. Meanwhile, I have to say this - NIGERIAN NATURALS are becoming a FORCE to reckon with! Gawsh, there were so many women with lovely, healthy hair and lots of creative styles! Oooooooh and I met a reader, Adetoun whose twist out was gorgeous! I wish I wasn't a lazy natural. Ah well. I also met another blogger, Naija Hair Can Grow! I had a lot of fun at the event, but looked forward to my next outing, which was the highlight of my weekend.

*Note* At the hair event, there was champagne... I had just one glass, but let's just say that by the time I rolled up at my next stop, the girls were like "Uh oh, Berry needs food and water IMMEDIATELY."

Felicia Leatherwood

Naija Hair Can Grow - it's all hers!

Adetoun. LOVE her hurr, makeup, and outfit!!!

My next stop and most fun part of my weekend was the first of our BLOGGIRLS DAY OUT!!! Stylefash, Bex (who has a new food blog as well) and I over the last 2 weeks, planned to have a meet-up. I'd actually met Stylefash randomly at a supermarket and we screamed excitedly, making mental notes to definitely meet again. Bex talked about her love of Indian food on her food blog, and since Stylefash and I love it too, we decided to meet at Spice Route in VI.

We had such a fun time just gisting about EVERYTHING! I was supposed to meet up with Cakes later that evening, and had told him we'd be done with lunner/dinch at 6pm. How about at 8:30pm, Cakes was still calling me to ask if I was sure I was coming? Yup, we gisted for 4 hours straight! What didn't we talk about?! From our time together, I anticipate a lifelong friendship! Next hang out will be something REALLY girly, or... (it's a secret)

L-R: Berry, Fash, Bex. LOL, someone said we sound like Power Puff Girls :p

This table has different spices! Cool, innit?

Well, I woke up with a swollen eye (thanks but no thanks to allergies), so I stayed home. The only activity was more family + wedding visits. I honestly can't wait for the wedding to just come and go, so I can rest. Except that after the wedding, the pressure comes to have babies, and then more babies, and even more babies!

I need a vacay :(

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  1. Oh sweety....sorry about UR allergies. Hugs, hugs! Never in my wildest dream would I have known id meet two lovely people via blogging. It was amazing how we just clicked and it was like we'd known each other for like ages. I look forward to the next meet up! Thanks for the link back to my blog. P.s Ahn Ahn see cakes looking very dapper! Xoxo

  2. you look super cute, sounds like an overall busy and fun weekend!

  3. Aww so sorry about the allergies dearie. I had a fabulous time with you ladies, it was mad fun and i would meet both of you over and over and over and over again. Can't wait for the next one...hehehe

    Cakes repping whoop whoop :-)

    Meanwhile, pls why do i look tipsy in all the pictures?


  4. You all look lovely, I am glad you had a fun day out.

  5. I like how you always know how to have fun. I need to take lessons from you.

  6. Wow! Looking good ladies. Indeed you all had fun and yes the food, "me feel you", me recognise the allergies (jamaican accent), had a similar experience with the spices n all.....

    Hope you better, well done chics :)


  7. Berry,You look very lovely and I love ur noseeee,it's soo cute...lol..n ummmm bikoooo Where's that Indian restaurant located??

  8. Lovely pictures especially at the Indian food place? Cakes sure is cute :)

  9. Love your earings Berry.
    #that's all.$


  10. awwwwwwww am a newbie and am totally obsessed with natural hair. am still transitioning from relaxed to natural and loving every minute of it. pls feel free to check out my blog. ezechimereuchenna.blogspot.com

  11. I want your ear ring #dazall... Lol. And yes cakes looks dapper... Don't forget to wrap the ear rings for me #mwuah

  12. Wow! looks like you all had a really fun day, jealous much :). sorry about your allergies.


  13. great pix babe

    my blog here www.Islandchic77.com


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