October 2, 2013

So Nigeria celebrated her 53rd Indy Anniversary...

And what did I do? Wear green? No. Wish anyone a Happy Independence? No. Silently pray that PHCN kept the power on all day? YES. Did they? NO!

Lemme tell you what I did do...

  1. I slept in. For me, it was simply a random day off! A random day off, for me to get some much needed rest. So, I slept and enjoyed waking up 3/4 hours later than usual :)
    Berry and her Big A$$ Fro

    We didn't dress alike on purpose. Just FYI
  2. I went jet-skiing! FINALLY!!! Remember how that was one of the fun things I wanted to do to spice up my life? The place I originally wanted to go to, was shut down a couple of months ago - which caused me great strife and sadness. I had told Cakes I wanted to go since January, and he said I should wait. I waited, waited some more, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaited my plans away. Fortunately for him, on my way back from the airport on my last trip out, I spied some jetskis while crossing the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge. We stopped by and they said that they do indeed rent out jetskis, so we made plans for Indy Day.

    It was FUN, while we were on them. The 2 hours spent waiting for the guy who had the keys...NOT FUN. Cakes and the guide falling over into the water... NOT FUN. His BB basically drowning... DEFINITELY NOT FUN.

    After we got off the jetski, we went to pay the manager and the next thing I heard was BOOM! My lil-sis-from-another-madre shouted, "OMG is he okay????" I turned around and saw that the next rider after Cakes and I had gotten on, without listening to the guides, and for whatever reason, accelerated into the platform, flew off and damaged the jetski (worth $10,000). Apparently he'd been drinking and smoking weed beforehand, so I'm pretty sure his senses were impaired. He had to be lifted out of the water, and was still on the ground when we left 15 minutes later. I hope he's getting checked out, and well, he should pay for the repairs.

  3. I went for a BBQ and had some very nice chicken! No, I don't have a picture. But it tasted great :D.
  4. I saw my friend's status on Facebook, which summarized how I feel about Nigeria and Indy Day...

    On BBM someone said "happy independence day" to me and my response was...

    Well... Its independence day... Dunno about happy or if I care enough to qualify it as anything relevant or remarkable... But thanks for your salutations and felicitations...

    Now I feel terrible. There is a caucus of Nigerians who will celebrate Nigeria, praise Nigeria until we are submerged under water, burnt by fire or buried by the earth. I am not one of them. I contribute my quota to nation building. I continue to invest and provide "unappreciated" solutions to some of the problems plaguing our society. I do this not for a deeper love for country, but for love for my country men... And because I need a place to call home. Apologies for the breath of pessimism. But I was promised fresh air, so something else could spew from my lungs. I stand yet to receive it.

Speaking of the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge, hawkers are beginning to appear... somebody tell Fashola

Have a pretty rest of the week darlings. Don't forget to nominate me for the following Nigerian Blog Awards - Best NEW, HUMOR and PERSONAL Blog! Kiss kiss hug hug, big kiss lil kiss!

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  1. Smiling all through this post. Well written dear. Wld def nominate u :-)

  2. Aww love the pictures. You had so much fun. My Favorite picture has to be the one where you took the wheel and uncle cakes still looked like he was encouraging you, giving you instructions and guiding you all at the same time :-D


  3. Lovely pictures. Pls visit my realtity blog @ www.zika.com.ng

  4. oh no! my friend told me about the guy that had the jet ski accident; she was there too. i told her to write a review of the place. you should too, Berry. I wouldn't jetskii in naija though, until I can swim....

  5. Sadly I had to keep reminding myself that it was independence day. I mean I had work and everything so it didn't FEEL like it. Last weekend I was at Ankara festival so at least I was around Nigerians but honestly I don't remember the last time I had a proper independence day celebration.

    Plus I hear you on the state of affairs. Make one want to shake their head more than really celebrate.

    Looks like you had fun though - rocking the fro and all. I need to learn to swim so I can jet ski and such.

  6. hi! what's the name of the place where you went jet skiing?

    1. I don't know the name of the place. But it's on Wole Olateju Crescent in Lekki. It's close to Avalon House.


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