June 20, 2020

Mommy Oyoyo Podcast is ONE!

It's been one year since I decided to go from "I think I'm going to start a podcast" to recording and publishing my very first Mommy Oyoyo podcast episode. 

It's been a year of striving to put up a post almost weekly (with a couple of breaks here and there). In the past one year, I've found myself waking up or staying up at odd hours to record episodes with guests in different time zones. I typically try to work around my guests schedules as much as possible and the craziest times I have recorded interviews were midnight and 2am! I have recorded one episode 4 different times because the audio files kept getting corrupted. I have recorded episodes under my blanket in my bedroom, in Coco's bedroom, a phone room at work, and even inside my car. I have pitched episodes to lots of people and gotten mostly Yes responses, some No's and others simply ignored. I have celebrated wins, successfully had an offline event, had to cancel other planned events in Atlanta and Canada (because 'rona). 

So far there have been

43 episodes
23 guests
5,200+ plays

The Top 5 episodes excluding my introductory one are
  1. Dealing with Divorce as an African Mum
  2. Life as a Single Mother
  3. Endometriosis and Trying to Conceive
  4. I Don't Show My Child's Face Online
  5. I Got My Tubes Tied
I look forward to even more topics covered, guests (more non-Nigerians and more men too). I would like to be seen and recognized as a leading African/black woman in podcasting and motherhood. I have so much more work to put into the Mommy Oyoyo brand and I will continue striving to be an excellent platform for modern African women to discuss all things related to motherhood.

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  1. OK this is super interesting. I clicked on dealing with divorce as an African mum and I about to listen to the fire... cant wait.

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