September 2, 2019

LIFE LATELY: August 2019

Happy Labor Day to my Stateside readers!!!!

Welcome to the -Ember months. We have another 120 days left in the year, so make them count! Just because you haven't started on one goal or another doesn't mean you can't start now. Start today, and use my Goal Getter Guide to get started and keep yourself on track! I've got a few things to share about how August went for me.

Okay who wants to start a devotional on  Disciplining your Children?!?!?!? Cocoa is really trying it! She's 2 going on 18 and it's so UGH!!! I swear sometimes it's like "How can you be an angel one second and I'm ready to ship you off to boarding school the next?" You people should tell her o! Tell her!

She's still a cutie patootie though. And she started something new that my nephew and nieces never did, so we're all surprised - sometimes she calls me Mom! I have no idea where it came from (maybe her daycare friends?) and what makes her decide when to call me Mom. It's really weird to me - and just sounds either very American or older than a toddler? Ah well.

She has a new baby cousin (he's a little over 2 weeks old now) and the way she dotes on him is sooooo sweet. She absolutely loves him and smothers him when we go visiting. She always wants to go to his house and carry him :p

I'm sad to tell you I didn't finish one book in August. I started to read Approval Junkie by Faith Salie, and while it was interesting, I just haven't finished it. I still plan to though. I feel like I may be moving towards listening to audio books more than reading... well, let's see what happens when the new library near me opens :)

The latest season of Cable Girls on Netflix. I started watching the show two years ago and had watched a whole episode before I realized the show is Spanish, and there were English voice-overs. By the time I figured it out, I was already interested in what was going to happen and continued watching it. The show follows 4 women in the 1920s who work as cable girls in a telephone company. There is lots of drama - I sometimes rolled my eyes because soap opera, but I generally enjoyed it. FYI, the actor that plays Francisco is FREAKING HAWT!!!

I also watched Season 2 of Big Little Lies on HBO. I randomly caught a free weekend of premium channels and watched all the episodes of one of my favorite shows ever! My, Meryl Streep though!!! She can act for the entire world. Every new thing I see with her just amazes me. She's such a talented actress!

I'm wondering whether to write a blog post (or even record a video on my defunct Youtube channel) about why I've chosen podcasting over video content. I'll decide. I had some challenges with my podcast in August. My original plan was to have new episodes every week. However, I had scheduling and technical issues, and was able to post just two episodes on My Breastfeeding Story and Homeschooling in Africa. Please subscribe to the Mommy Oyoyo Podcast, rate the podcast and SHARE SHARE SHARE with everyone you know!

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I had two or three therapy/counseling sessions in August. I'm not sure if I have mentioned on the blog that I started seeking mental therapy. I haven't been consistent or regular, but I have had challenges that I needed to find a licensed therapist to help me with - whether just having them listen, help me sort out my thoughts or dig deeper to help me understand some things. I haven't quite found the "perfect" therapist but at least I'm doing something about it. I have had some big things to deal with and decided to get some help other than speaking to family/friends or suffering in silence. Has it been a savior? No. But I think I'll learn more about myself and learn better ways to manage anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and more with added sessions.

That was August in a nutshell! How was your august August? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Cocoa is too cute!

    Off to subscribe to your podcast


  2. She is so cute..her smile is so beautiful

  3. Hi Anita!

    Cocoa is too much. If you lived close-by, I'd be losing my mind over her every five minutes (#auntieprivileges). She and my niece would be adorable together!!

    I love that you're podcasting. As a consumer, I prefer podcasts to video because it's easier to catch up on a podcast while doing something mindless. Podcasts also consume less data. That being said, some content creators are doing a video recording of their podcast material, stripping the audio for the podcast, and posting the video on YouTube. You end up with material for YouTube and your podcast from one recording, but the required input is more than if you were just recording a podcast episode.

    Good for you, seeking out a therapist! Mental health is important and having someone who's truly impartial to talk things through with should only help. Wishing you so much goodness!

  4. Your little girl looks like she has so much sass! Love it. Good luck with your mental health journey!

    Corinne x

  5. Awwwww little cocoa it's just so cute!!! Love his cute little pink dress!! definitively want to hear your podcast please tell me where I can liste to it! Great post!


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