April 18, 2018

Traveling with a Baby - Part 2 - Diaper Bag Packing Checklist

In part 1 of this series, I shared a few tips on what I did before and while flying with Baby Cocoa on her first flight to Detroit, and her second much longer flight to Lagos, Nigeria. Flying with a baby can be daunting, especially if you're traveling alone with the baby. I won't lie and say the international flight was a breeze. Baby Cocoa is a generally easygoing and cheerful baby. A lot of passengers on every single flight we've been on always complimented her, and said how sweet she is and told me how lucky and blessed I am to have such a happy and friendly baby. Honestly, during a flight from Abuja to Lagos, she allowed one of the air hostesses to carry her off!

Anyways, in this part of my Traveling with Baby series, I want to share what I packed in her diaper bag. While traveling with an infant, you need quite a few things that you can easily access without too much trouble. Below is a Diaper Bag Travel Packing List from my own personal experience.
  • Diapers - I recommend packing enough diapers to last you 12 to 24 hours. It really doesn't hurt to have extra diapers on hand.
  • Diaper Wipes - This goes without saying much. Keep your baby's bottom fresh and clean. Plus, diaper wipes can come in handy if you need to quickly clean your hands - and maybe face.
  • Diaper Plastic Sacks/Bags - To minimize the stink of dirty diapers, always have a few (or bunch) of plastic bags. They make for more hygienic disposal of used diapers. This one is a good price for the number inside.
  • Changing Pad - Most diaper bags come with a changing pad in them. Airplane bathrooms are NASTY, and you don't want to put your baby's bare skin anywhere if you can help it. 
  • Hand Sanitizer - You only need a little bottle of hand sanitizer. I don't think airport security will let you pass with a large bottle anyway.
  • Diaper Cream - Baby Cocoa hasn't really been prone to getting diaper rash (except in the past 2/3 weeks) but I always have 2 travel size diaper creams inside her diaper bag.
  • Healthcare/Grooming Kit - You can DIY your own Baby Grooming kit or buy one like this that I have. Make sure it includes a thermometer!
  • Medicines - I've had to take Baby Cocoa to the doctor just twice since she was born. She had RSV in December, and last week had Hand, Foot and Mouth. Despite the fact that she's a quite healthy baby, I still traveled with Infant Motrin, Albuterol (and her nebulizer). It just makes sense to take some medicine for just-in-case scenarios.
  • Extra Clothes - I packed 3 sets of outfits, including cold weather clothes (pajamas, really) for the plane ride, and warm weather clothes for when we landed in Lagos. I also included several bibs, blankets, socks, vests, hair bands.
  • Toys/Books - Baby Cocoa has her moments with toys. She prefers to interact, engage and play with people. But occasionally, you can leave her with some toys to keep her occupied for a short while. Since she doesn't have a favorite toy, and just eats any book I give her, I took a few things that could fit into her diaper bag.
  • Pacifiers - Babies seem to prefer this particular brand of pacifiers. I think it may be the same ones they're given in hospitals. Either way, I carry a back-up pacifier and a back up for the back up. Oh and don't forget the pacifier clips so your baby doesn't keep dropping their pacifier.
  • Baby Food/Snacks - Depending on what your baby eats, make sure to have enough food to last you from the airport stay until you reach your travel destination's accommodation - and then extra on top of that! You don't want to get stranded without food for your baby, so it's better to over-pack. 
  • Feeding Bottles or Plate/Bowl Sets with Utensils and Sippy Cups - Whatever items you use in feeding baby should be kept in a clear resealable bag. 
  • Travel Documents - This means passport(s). 
  • Copy of Birth Certificate - It might not be required but it doesn't hurt to have it with you.
  • Copy of Immunization Record - Some countries may want to see that the baby's immunizations are up to date. It also doesn't hurt to have it.
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  1. Hand foot and mouth?! Oh no! Has she been going to a daycare? Those places are notorious for that, though the virus usually circulates in summer months

  2. We just had our first flight as well, and I pretty much had most of it.


  3. Wow. The list seems much for babies though how do you cope?
    She is a pretty child.


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