July 1, 2017

BERRY VLOG: Pregnancy Tag

WELCOME TO JULY!!!!! Hehe, my estimated date of delivery of Baby Cocoa was supposed to be the 23rd of this month.

Around halfway through my pregnancy, I saw a Pregnancy Tag post online and thought it would be fun to answer some of the questions on my Youtube channel (Have you subscribed yet?). Check out my answers to some of the questions like how I found out we were pregnant, what my cravings were and more!

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  1. Indeed Jesus is so real!!!
    Congratulations Berry, I am very excited for you and Cakes. Just like Clara, I have been visiting your blog for a while(not as long as her though) but never commented(typical me). Kept you in prayers after watching your vlog on TTC and always looked forward to the day I will read your pregnancy announcement. Finally read the announcement but was 5wks late(hahahaha).
    I remember how you always used the gym at work very early in the day, always in your element without a single care in the world(Yes! I know you from FMH)😊.
    Congratulations once again my dear, may the love,joy and blessings of Christ never depart from your home. May baby Cocoa bring you & Cakes nothing short of fulfillment,joy&celebration.
    Take good care of you all, remain prayerful,get enough rest, stay open minded and enjoy every bit of motherhood(there are lots more you'd discover that no one has ever mentioned to you!)
    Waiting patiently to read your birth/delivery story...hahahaha

    1. She has delivered now, check Hey Cocoa!

    2. Oh wow, thank you so much. So you were watching me at FMH and never said anything? Chai, I hope you never caught me during any of my embarrassing moments *hides face*

      Thanks so much for your comment. I'm really learning with time - and yes, there's so much that nobody told me beforehand! Or maybe they did and I wasn't listening :p

  2. Congratulations on the baby. I'll ask my gf to subscribe so she can get tips on how to care for our baby upon arrival. Cheers.


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