May 19, 2017

Berry Lovely Links

Hey hey,

I'm sorry I didn't put up my lovely links last week - I was completely out of it and exhausted. But there was no way I was going to miss this week's edition!

  1. Would you Let Your Hubby/Fiance/Boyfriend Pick Out Your Clothes for a whole week?
  2. Watch this video about Child Marriage in Nepal - the poor girl was crying her eyes out :(
  3. This story reminds me of underage "house-helps" in Nigeria - A Story of Slavery in Modern America.
  4. Did you know about Sudan's Forgotten Pyramids? There's so much to explore in this world!
  5. Here's Why Celebrating Other Women Makes You More Successful.
  6. I saw this one from another blog - Orange Peel Art in Japan.
As a bonus, over the weekend, I finally started watching the King Women series by Kemi Adetiba. If you haven't seen any, I urge you to watch the first episode here and here with Taiwo Ajai-Lycett. I'm not lying when I say I was in bed bawling for like 5 minutes!!! Very powerful!


  1. I look forward to King Women each week My favorites so far are Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett and TY Bello.

  2. The forgotten Pyramids in Sudan??? Now that surprised me. The country is torn by war such that the only thing I know about is the non-stop fighting that's going on but its good to see positive things about it.

    1. I know! Apparently there are private tours that go to those kinda areas that are being or have been ravaged by war.

  3. That "My Family's Slave" story just broke my heart. An innocent woman was forced to sacrifice her life; that is an unforgivable act.

    This is why I am vehemently against the idea of "house-helps" or "maids" in Nigeria, especially when those helps are children. The masters (there is nothing else I can call them) often put these children in the worst schools. Some of these children are even turned to hawkers. I am of the belief that if you need help, then you need to enter into a business CONTRACT with an ADULT that will come and help around your house. People should stop exploiting free labour in Nigeria. It is inhumane to enslave children.

    1. I think while growing up, none of us really understood. As adults - and maybe exposure - it's much clearer that it's not okay to have children working as maids.

  4. Lola's story???!??!!!?

    Wow. Just wow.



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