December 5, 2016

Berry Thanksgiving Weekend

One of the best things about the Thanksgiving Holiday is the food! Yes, I said it. The food makes me happy thinking about it... although a few days later, I'm lamenting about the amount of weight that comes with so much eating. In our family, a lot of activities are centered around food. Have I ever told you that most Sundays, after church, we have lunch together? My sister, her hubby and kids come over and we all "break bread" together. Everyone (myself included) helps out in one way or another - either by prepping the ingredients, cooking, setting the table, clearing up or doing the dishes.

This Thanksgiving was the same way - even my brother mistakenly baked banana bread :p My youngest sister, Tammy kept asking him to help her do this or that, and before he knew what was happening, he made the whole thing himself.

We had our cousins over as well - Rexie and co, and had such a marvelous time. My sister aka DJ Cupcakes is resurrecting her DJing side gig, so used us for a practice run. Chai, we danced for ours nonstop! Well, that just means we burnt off all or most of the calories we ate.

My dad and sister bought this humongous bottle of wine that everyone had fun taking pictures with. I didn't have any though because alcohol just makes me sleep and I wanted to enjoy the fun.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the party was over, as I was heading to work at 4:30am the following morning.

We have 2 more "events" this December - my brother's college graduation, and Christmas - so make sure you follow me on Snapchat and see all our shenanigans! Like me dancing to the classic Wombo Lombo below :D

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I hope you have a beautiful week. God bless you and yours!


  1. Honestly I have been waiting for the pictures of the food

  2. Waoh! So much food. I like. I like. I like. And I am now somewhat hungry. Lol.
    I am curious as to how the weaving on the food in that sixth pic was achieved.

  3. That spread looks amazing! I miss the Thanksgiving feast I had already. Great post, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wow everything looks so delish!
    I'm salivating already
    Happy thanksgiving

  5. One of the things I miss about living in America is the holiday season. Thanksgiving is all about the food and it seems like your family had an awesome spread.

  6. The food. Everything makes me want to jump into the computer. They look so gooood *tears


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