June 22, 2015

Berry Dunno Weekend

Erm, first things first... I couldn't think of a catchy title for today's post. Hence the "Dunno" in the title. It's not like I don't know what I did this weekend :p

It was just kinda... I dunno... You get me? I think it was like that because of all the rain. I had a couple of things on my To-Do radar on Saturday, but the rain! Mehn, it poured! I was actually thisclose to simply canceling my plans and just staying home to cuddle with Cakes, but I had a wig to deliver! So I got dressed in my new ankara tunic/mini dress thingy - Cakes' friend bought the material for me after I GRACIOUSLY agreed to follow him to Daviva to buy fabric for his girlfriend and her mother. I'm like "Nna, I hope you know I'm not leaving here empty-handed." So he got me 2 yards of fabric - just like N1,100 or so. Mehn, I'm about to go and spend N5000 buying different 2-yds so I can make cute little outfits.

Anyway, I headed out and the first stop was Naturals In The City, put together by Natural Nigerian and The Kink and I. It was held at The Social Place (which seems like the go-to event space on the island). I got there just in time for some of the talks. There were speakers on  hair (obviously), fitness/nutrition, and a sex discussion. Sawry, I'm sworn to secrecy so I shall not be divulging information from the final speaker. She sha runs MyIntimatePleasureShop.com. That's all I'm saying.

There were quite a number of guests, and with pretty hair too!

Check out Nicole's curls!!! She's my youngest sister's friend :)

And of course, the vendors. Yay, I got a henna tattoo from The Henna Place! I really like henna tattoos. I got this one on my leg just to be different, and to surprise somebody but all he said was, "Oh okay." *rolls eyes*

I must say this. I'm very happy that there are lots of Nigerian-owned-and-based beauty companies. You can find everything from hair care to skin care to makeup to whatever! Check out the Irresistible Woman soap in the bottom middle picture. I wish I could try everything all at once, but I'm not a product junkie and I like to finish products before buying new ones.

I was supposed to check out the board games at Stranger Lagos, organized by Living in Lekki blog, but I got there after it was over and just went on home. On Sunday before church, there was a cake delivery...

 And after church, we headed to Terra Kulture to have lunch and watch the play, Single in Gidi, which is based on the blog of the same name. My friend Sheila owns Single in Gidi, but isn't so single anymore (congrats to her) and I think it's brilliant that she could take her blog posts offline and turn them into a real live play!

See these two crazies and me. Of course I'm the only sane one :)
Ms. Not-So-Single-In-Gidi

Erm, I know it's a weird photo. Omoye's in the play and was rushing off, but I had food in my mouth and wanted a photo by force!!!

Meanwhile, Kemi Lewis styled her hair over a week ago.

Girls gisting about the woes of being a single girl in Lagos
Omoye getting ready for the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge run where singles go to scope other singles :p 
OMG, this scene was hilarious - PROPOSAL GONE WRONG!!!! Check out a clip below.

Bez was in the audience, as his sister is the producer of the play. She made him serenade us a lil bit :)

And I ran into Tuke as well :)
The last showings are next week at 3pm and 6pm at Terra Kulture. Make sure you watch it if you haven't already :)

By the time we got home yesterday, I was just really tired and wanted to relax and put my stuff for work together. One of these days, I'll put up a post on my typical work outfits for the week. *Erm, if you blog and think this is a good idea that you want to do and you put up your post before me, give me a mention o!!!*

This week, I want to get back to my fitness routine properly. My face is looking full again, and I've been eating very crappily. Wish me luck! I pray for a very pretty week for you and yours. God bless!


  1. You had a fun weekend Berry dear, the play sounds really nice. Kemi Lewis styles hair so well.


  2. Berry, i love your blog, am always coming to read it every monday. How much does a crochet wig go for? thanks. Please dont charge me too much o *winks*

    1. Awww thanks! I'm going to respond to your email today

  3. Looks like a fun weekend. I would love to see the play - someday in d future when d come over to my end of the world.

    U dont want to see my typical work outfits........ I start out angry on Moday (interpreted to mean absolutely no effort at all) and then end up putting in loads of effort on thursday n friday cos d weekend is just around d corner. U definitely wont get a post shout out fromn me. LOL!

    1. Eyaaaa. Sometimes I feel bad for people who aren't in Lagos cos it seems like there aren't that many fun random things to do.

      Buahahaha. I'll be checking your posts to see if you try me!

  4. Nice weekend you had! I almost caught the play but the rains and a sprained ankle left me stuck indoors. As a very single girl in Lagos, I must definitely catch this play this weekend. Im sooo buying my ticket already...

  5. Dang! Nicole's curls making me want to go natural. HOWEVER, I know my hair will never look like that. I've never even seen my hair natural; sad, I know.

    I love your dress, it's very chic and the color is everything!

    The rain was something else! I stayed in bed throughout. I wasn't even motivated to drive anywhere. It was the perfect excuse to be a bum :)

  6. Your Berry Dunno weekend was quite eventful! You look great in your mini dress and I like how you styled your denim jacket.

    Congrats to Ms. Single in Gidi no more! It's absolutely awesome that she turned her blog into a play.

    Have a great week!

  7. I'm addicted to henna as well, since I can't get tats all over....because unemployment, I resort to henna.

    Love your outfit xx

  8. ahhh I'm going to see the play this weekend! can't wait!!! Did you get your tickets before the event? I plan on getting there at 2pm and just buying the tickets

  9. Nice! The rain sure didn't stop ya. I really have to shed this introvert habit away. And start doing more with my weekends. Sigh...
    That cake with the baby legs...epic! Verrry nice! Have an amazing week too, Berry.

    Ebonyduchess.com #LifestyleBlog

  10. Love your dress Berry!
    And it's awesome to see blog post grow into something as grand as this...yep! inspiring!

    Have a great week ahead!

  11. I always look forward to your weekend posts Berry! Very eventful.

  12. Love your ankara dress. It's a style that can be dressed up or down. You looked fab in it too.

  13. I know he's married but BEZzzzzzzzzz *love struck*. I like your dress.


  14. I'm just wondering when I will get permission to come steal that dress, I said as much when we met on Saturday...it was really lovely meeting you.
    Ify's Musings

  15. Hi Berry,

    I love how ankara fabric can now be purchased per yard in stores, no point being saddled with 4 extra yards when I only need 2.

    I love the colour, print and style of your dress, comfortably chic!

    Note to self - "Must see Single in Gidi" :-)

    1. So, I saw "Single in Gidi" this afternoon, it was brilliant !!!

      Thank you for sharing this review :-)

  16. Berry, please do you know how or what Nicole used in achieving those curls?


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