December 21, 2017

Traditional Wedding Anniversary and my outfits

My people! My people! My people!

Let me tell you - something is shifting in the atmosphere! God is working! I have been focusing on my tests, instead of my testimonies! The tests were, and are still trying to overwhelm me. But God told me this morning - "Stand still and know that I am God." The heavens are shaking and ready to battle for my life, my marriage, my family, my career, my passions, my purpose, my spirit. HEWU!!!!!!!! My people, let us start praising the Lord for His victory!!!!!

Anyway, I just shared some anecdotes on Instagram Stories (@BerryDakara), and my mind asked me why I'm not sharing here too. As you know, I wore 6 outfits to celebrate our Traditional Marriage - it's 4 years today, so Happy Tradiversary to us! While I will accept your congratulatory messages, I would gladly prefer your prayers over us :D

My first outfit was made by this Jamaican lady in Atlanta. I had it made before I even moved to Nigeria, talk less of met Cakes. I just never had an opportunity to wear it, and finally found it for the pre-ceremony of Cakes's family's gift presentation. I plan to wear this dress again in 2018 - mark my words :) Oh yeah, and I also made the earrings myself! I think also before I met him.

This second outfit was worn to welcome guests to the traditional ceremony. I didn't buy the fabric, but I designed the dress. I knew exactly what I wanted. My aunt in Port Harcourt owns a sewing shop, and she slayed it! I'll find her details for those that want it.

This third outfit, the body and face markings, and the hairstyle shows me as the Ogoni maiden that I was.

My fourth outfit was a blouse and India wrapper, popularly worn by Rivers State women. Before I got married I knew I wanted to be adorned in white coral beads. I had seen them on another bride online, and just knew that was what I wanted too! My friend donated the umbrella to accompany the outfit.

I don't know if I have mentioned it on this blog, but I am part Itsekiri. My grandmother is half Itsekiri I believe. Cakes' mum is also Itsekiri, and she provided the gold accessories to accompany this outfit. BTW my Itsekiri name is Misan :)

My sixth and final outfit was my coming out as an Urhobo wife. Cakes' sister co-owns a dress shop in Lagos, and Houston. They make fantastic clothes! I will also get her information to share with you.

That's all folks! This is how we shall dance into 2018!


  1. May ur marriage be fill with peace and laughter, 2018 shall b ur year of testimonies and may both of u continue to grow stronger in love. Happy wedding anniversary Berry and Cakes .

  2. Im so happy darling that this post is much brighter than the last! Amen... Dance your way in all the way. I look at your lovely tradiversary pictures and feel i can see how much you've grown! Cheers to 2018 and bigger and greater things. Mwah!

  3. Berry!!!! All outfits are gorgeous but my best is(are) your first and last dress. Merry Xmas and Kisses to Cocoa only!!!!

  4. Wow,lovely.Urhorbo,Ogoni,Itsekiri,etc,You fit well into all.

  5. Yayyyy, Glad to see you posting again :)
    Happy New Year Berry!
    Praying there are more testimonies this year!!
    I really love your hair for the 3rd outfit, I think the final look was my favourite.
    Looking forward to more posts from you this year o ;)
    Love to Cakes and Baby Cocoa.

  6. God bless your home darling, and bless the desires of your heart. Happy tradiversary sweet


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