December 27, 2014

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us!!!

Woot woooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!

Today's our First Year Anniversary!

First of all, thanks be to God for His grace and mercy through this year. You've watched over us, provided for us, protected us, been kind and gracious to us, taught us to be less selfish, etc. Thank You for being our Father, our Help, our Savior, and infinitely more!

To Cakes, it's been a rollercoaster year!!! We have laughed together, cried together, fought each other, made up with each other, grown together, and so much more. Through the easy times and the tough times, thank you for loving me. *kisses*

To our family, friends, my blog readers, thank you so much for your support, well-wishes and prayers! I love you all *hugs*

Random Facts about Our Wedding

  1. The makeup girl didn't get to the location until 2pm!!! This is for a wedding scheduled to start at 3pm. My aunt and cousin begged me to allow her in, because I was angry, and had started my makeup by myself! LOL, her hands were shaking by the time I agreed that she could continue with it. 
  2. All I wanted to eat at the wedding was small chops... but I forgot to eat anything at all because I was too busy dancing.
  3. Some guests didn't heed to our invitation warning to NOT WEAR HEELS! Lol, our photographer threatened to post a picture of a girl in platform heels almost falling down.
  4. My something old was my grandmother's dress, something new was my ceremony dress, something borrowed was the long veil from my sister (used for pictures), and something blue was my engagement ring.
  5. Cakes got tired at about 9:30pm because he'd been up for 2 days working on our wedding cake. When we went to our room, he slept off while I chatted with my friends on Whatsapp. 
  6. We never got to see our wedding programs. It's kinda our fault because we didn't agree on it early enough. By the time our friend ordered them (he's a graphic designer), it was cutting it close. Anyway, the printer agreed that they could be done in time, but didn't show up until 6pm, well after the reception had started. So we totally winged the reception, and our MC/friend loved it!
  7. I made my bouquet myself, using brooches and faux flowers my mum and I bought when I traveled to get my dress (and also our cruise vacay). The plan was to give out the brooches during the bouquet toss... but erm, no program meant we forgot a few things :p I eventually still gave them out to my female family members though. 
Remember my post about the proposal?
Finally my first post of the year announcing that we had gotten married!

I might put up another post with my favorite shots from the wedding...


  1. We are one year too but haven't done the church ceremony...however, i do plan to make my bouquet myself so when its time, i will be hounding you for tips!!!

    1. Awww, congratulations to you too!!! Tread carefully with your bouquet o. I was afraid mine would fall at any second :p

  2. Comment disappeared. Argh.

    Congratulations Berry and Cakes. May God's love continue to wrap you both securely.

    And uhm, thank you for confirming Naija husband's post on what happens on the wedding night.
    I've always wondered whether me and the future hubby will do any consumating of the marriage bed that night but it seems like SLEEP is the general answer to this

    1. Thanks lady!

      Hahaha, not everyone sleeps off, but a good percentage of couples do.

  3. Happy anniversary to you and Cakes, Berry!!!

  4. Happy anniversary in arrears to you. I like number 5, lol.

  5. Happy anniversary to you dear and happy new year too.


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