January 27, 2014

Happy Montherversary to us!!!

Hey hey hey,

Okay, I feel like my posts and instagram pictures lately are all centered on me and Cakes. And here's the thing - in the past, whenever my friends got married, I used to get soooooooooo annoyed if they were all "Oh, my wife/hubby did/said/thought/wore/ate/drank/watched/typed/etc'd this or that." I would typically ask whether or not they had lives of their own before getting hitched. And I just knew that I would never ever NAYVER be that kind of person! Me, Miss Independent, Miss I-Had-A-Life-Before-He-Came, Miss My-Life-Must-Not-Revolve-Around-My-Spouse-Because-I'm-A-Human-Being-Too.

Well, it looks like that girl's been replaced by me, Miss Berry-And-Cakes-Forever, Miss I-Got-A-New-Shiny-Toy-And-He-Happens-To-Be-My-Husband-So-I-Must-Show-Him-Off, Miss Independently-Dependent-On-My-Spouse, Miss That-Last-Point-Especially-When-It's-Car-Trouble-Time...

Ah well, today, I'm MOST DEFINITELY allowed to do all that, because it's officially our 1-month anniversary! On that note, I promise not to post every month on our anniversary dates :)

And with that, here's a professional picture from the wedding. I still don't have the pictures or video yet, which is why I can't share them. If I don't have them by Wednesday night, I will post the vendors' names, phone numbers, email addresses, Instagram and Twitter handles, so that you can stalk them on my behalf, until they release the pictures and trailer. :D

4 more photos can be found here

BTW, you can read up on a few of the planning details on my Wedding Diaries posts on KnotsVilla.

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  1. Lol. Congrats on your montherversary. I pray the golden jubilee will even be sweeter than this.

  2. Getting all misty eyed looking at the pics. You guys look perfect!


  3. Awwwww!! Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous pics Berry :). Loved that you had a beach wedding looks super romantic :)

  5. Awwww that picture and the position. Love! Happy montheversary Mr and Mrs Cakes. Many more joyful years ahead together

  6. Berryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) Congrats on the 1 month!


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